Monday, March 5, 2012

In the mood for a room with a view!

View to the left...Place St Germain des Pres

     Greetings from Paris!  I've decided to hijack my own blog for the next couple of months and use it as a way to keep in touch with friend and family during our sabbatical.  First stop, Paris, where we have rented a delightful little apartment on the left bank.  As much as I love the woodsy views of our home in North Carolina, it's such a treat to have this beautiful city right on the other side of these charming, floor to ceiling casement windows.

View to the right...Rue Bonaparte

    Anna and I left home on leap day... a fitting date to start a journey, wouldn't you say?  We arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport, stiff legged and foggy brained, as are all who endure the ridiculously small seats of coach class for 8 hours.  We were met at our apartment on Rue Bonaparte by the rental agent, a lovely young american from Maryland, who gave us the keys and a couple of instructions and was off.  Too tired to search for a great lunch spot, we popped in the first cafe we saw and ended up with a somewhat forgettable meal and went straight back for a nap.

     Now I hate jet lag as much as anyone and possibly more than most.  But getting my daughter up after a 2 hour snooze was near to impossible.  So, while Anna was comatose on the couch, I ran to the Monoprix to purchase our basic survival items...water, fruit, yogurt, coffee (for me) and chocolate (for her).

      It was the promise of pizza that got Anna back on her feet that first evening and we found a wonderful little restaurant Pizzaria Positano (15 rue Cannettes, 6eme).  The pizzas came straight out of the wood fired oven and had that wonderful crunchy yet chewy crust that we love.

View from bedroom windows
     So we are off to a great start!  I'll try to post a little something each day and possibly add some recipes if I ever get around to cooking again!  Please send us hellos using the comment button below.


  1. So glad you are doing this on your blog! The views are incredible. I know you all are having a blast. keep us posted!!

  2. Thanks Lisa, looking forward to getting Lee and CM here on Wednesday. Hope all is well with you and yours. Made my first home-cooked meal in our little kitchen tonight. Teriyaki chicken!!! I know....not very interesting but Anna wanted a little comfort food on this cold and rainy Parisian night.

  3. Aah talk about "evie"!!! Je suis jalouse!! I hope you and Anna have a wonderful time in Paris. If Anna likes chocolate, go visit Jean-Paul Hevin on the Rue St Honore. The most amazing chocolate I have ever had. Bon appetite!

  4. Je suis verte avec envie! I'm picking all your daffodils in retaliation!

  5. This is so cool..thanks so much for the info.